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Holms sweeping attachment

Holms sweeping attacment are developed and produced in the true Holms spirit. They are equipped with clever parts to make Your working day easier. A reliable, efficient and safe sweeping attachment wich does the job year after year. That is why the resale value is so high.

Holms SU

Holms SU is a flexible compact sweeper for use with compact loaders, tractors and skid steers.

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Holms 300

Holms 300 is our largest pick-up sweeper for larger compact loaders, tractors and medium-sized wheel-loaders. A full-sized attachment for professional sweeping.

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Holms SL

Holms SL is a sweeper roller for front and rearmounting on tractors and smaller loaders. 

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Holms SH

Holms SH is a sweeper roller for frontmounting on larger tractors, medium-sized wheel loaders and trucks.

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Holms SP

Holms SP is suitable for really tough jobs performed by large wheel-loaders.

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Holms Compact

Holms Compact is mounted on the excavator arms of excavators and tractor excavators. 

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Are you aware of the possibility to sweep away snow?

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