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Magnificence in a compact size!

Front-mounted modern "bucket sweeper" - Holms DUO

Holms Duo

Magnificence in a compact size! 

Holms DUO is a front-mounted modern “bucket sweeper” designed for small, but still demanding sweeping work. With its easily mounted modular system, DUO can easily be adapted to the driver’s unique needs.

Easy customisation

Adapt your DUO to meet your needs! Holms DUO is a sweeper roller that smartly and easily can be built out with optional modules such as collecting container, sprinkler system and extra brush protection. All to suit your varying sweeping needs! The add-on module is fitted quickly and easily without tools for maximum time savings.

User-friendliness in focus

Holms DUO fits our compact loaders, mini wheel loaders and tractors with three point linkage. Driving visibility is good even when equipped with a water tank and you can easily enter and exit your cab. DUO provides full functionality and control from the cab with only the third hydraulic function.


Holms DUO’s unique ground following system creates precision on slopes and unevenness. Which gives the best sweeping result regardless of the brush length and minimal brush wear.

Clever parts



The container is emptied using the hydraulic cylinder, which means you do not need to raise or tilt the machine. Even with the container mounted DUO can easily be banked from the cab for easier access in corners and narrow spaces.


Just like our other products Holms DUO is manufactured and designed in Sweden and thus proven in our demanding Nordic climate. DUO maintains Holms’ well-known quality at an optimum price!

Download the product sheet here

Technical Information - Holms Duo 1,5 1,85 2,15
All weights are approximate. Attachment weight excludes hooks.
Working width (m) 1,5 1,85 2,15
Max width (m) 1,75 2,1 2,4
Length (m) 1,3 1,3 1,3
Weight (kg) 284 289 295
Oil flow, min/max (l/min) 30/80 30/80 30/80
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